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Pick 2 categories out of the 4 different categories of games tried and tested with 100+ businesses and 10000+ participants

Game 1
Art Attack
  1. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild with our artistic extravaganza!

    > Get in your T-shirt
    > T-shirt painting
    > Drama
    > Dance Mania
Game 2
Brain Sprain
  • Prepare for hilarious tumbles, twisted giggles, and brain-tingling challenges that'll keep you on your toes!

    > Match Stick Puzzle
    > Picture Puzzle
    > Maze
    > Mensa
Game 3
Carnival Masti
  • Crush the competition and conquer the carnival with your unrivaled coordination skills, leaving a trail of defeated opponents in your wake!

    > Zat Pat Yoga
    > Bhaag Milke Bhaag
    > Loop Da Hoop
    > Code Breaker
    +15 Games
Game 4
Sports Carnival
  • Prepare for a relentless clash of titans, where only the fiercest competitors will claim victory in the arena of sports!

    > Nut Jus Kricket
    > Human Foosball
    > Tug of War
    > Bhaag Milke Bhaag

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At Woosh Biz, we believe in the power of play. Unleash your team's potential through engaging games that stimulate subconscious learning.

Experience the corporate work environment with strategic thinking and creative problem-solving. Adaptability and resilience are the keys to winning (and a little cheeky cheating doesn't hurt)!

Watch Woosh Biz in action for a transformation like no other. Join us for fun, growth, and unforgettable memories. Let's play, learn, and succeed together at Woosh Biz!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be athletic or super competitive to participate in team building activities?
  • Team-building with Woosh Biz unlocks the inner child of an adult - hidden potential, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity, resulting in a more cohesive and successful team.
How do I justify the cost of team-building to upper management?
  • Research shows that team-building results in improved team dynamics, increased collaboration, and reduced conflicts, leading to a measurable return on investment.
Are the activities only for large corporate groups or can small teams also participate?
  • Small teams, big teams, and everything in between - all are welcome! Our team building activities are scalable and customizable to accommodate groups of various sizes. Whether you're a startup, a department within a company, or a large organization, we've got the perfect activities for you.
Will team building activities feel like a typical day at the office?
  • Definitely not! We're all about breaking the monotony and injecting a dose of excitement into your team's routine. Our activities take place in dynamic and engaging environments, ensuring that you and your team escape the office and embark on a thrilling adventure that will leave everyone energized and motivated.
Can team building activities really improve our team's performance and productivity?
  • Absolutely! Team building activities have been proven to enhance team work, collaboration, and communication skills. By participating in these activities, your team will strengthen bonds, learn to trust one another, and develop effective strategies for problem-solving. All of these factors contribute to a more productive and efficient team.
Do you offer indoor and outdoor team building activities?
  • Yes, we do! We understand that every team has unique preferences and requirements. That's why we offer a diverse range of both indoor and outdoor activities, allowing you to choose the setting that best suits your team's needs and the overall objectives of your team building event.
Can we customize the team building activities to align with our specific goals?
  • Absolutely! We understand that every team has unique objectives and desired outcomes. Our team of experienced facilitators will collaborate with you to tailor the activities, challenges, and debrief sessions to address your specific goals and foster the growth and development you're aiming for.
What if someone on my team has physical limitations or disabilities?
  • Inclusivity is incredibly important to us. We can adapt our activities to accommodate individuals with physical limitations or disabilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and contribute to the team building experience. Let us know about any specific requirements, and we'll work together to create an enjoyable and inclusive event.
Can we have team building activities where family members and spouses can also participate?
  • Absolutely! We believe in the power of bringing families together and strengthening relationships beyond the workplace. We offer team building activities that are specifically designed to include family members and spouses. Whether it's a fun-filled day of games, a picnic, or a special event, we can create memorable experiences that involve your loved ones and help build stronger connections both at work and at home. Let's make it a truly inclusive and unforgettable experience for everyone!