Get Into The Habit Of Writing Your Thoughts

Our thoughts impact our words, actions and thus our lives. If you wondered why you acted in a way that is “unlike” you, lost your temper “for seemingly no reason”, or you’re dealing with a sudden change of mental state, don’t worry – it’s normal. We go through a million thoughts every day that affect us and most of which are unconscious (things we don’t even know we’re thinking).

Here Are 5 Super Benefits Of Penning Down Your Thoughts:

1. Paints A Realistic Picture

Sometimes, we get caught up over the tiniest problems. When we write down our thoughts about a situation, our minds can see things clearer and become more focused.  

2. Clarifies Underlying Emotions

Emotions cloud our thoughts and confuse us. By writing down our thoughts, it becomes easier to identify emotions. We can then act out of logic and understanding to either eliminate those feelings or consciously create a reasonable allowance for them.

3. Helps You Let Go

Interestingly, many endorse the “writing to forget” methodology. The idea is to let our disturbed thoughts flow freely onto paper. After a few hours, or days, when we come back to it, we’ll find it easier to identify and eliminate emotional disturbances that affected our thought process.

4. Makes Room For Higher-Level Thinking

Petty emotions of jealousy, worry, greed etc., hold us back from our potential higher being. Write out everything you can, so you can dive deeper into your thinking.

5. Realise The Insignificance Of Your Problems In The Big Picture

When we write down our small worries/doubts and compare them to global situations, we realise how insignificant we are. We have already overcome so many stressful situations in life, writing helps us remember, “this too shall pass.”

Successful people often speak of the importance of planning. It’s very difficult to plan in our minds alone. We need to understand and process our emotions to be able to move to the next step – planning.