Help Your Team Bond & Taste Success!

Here’s how…

1. Set Goals

Goal-setting gives the team clarity about their individual role(s) and the collective destination. Making them accountable for their own role(s) encourages them to help others to achieve theirs; this way, collectively, the team’s objectives are met.

2. Answer The ‘Why?’

Share the reason behind the team’s goals and how they will benefit from achieving them. Once they have the big picture, they will make the company’s vision come alive.

3. Applaud & Reward

Appreciate and celebrate even small achievements – it could be at the daily, monthly or annual meeting. When possible, attach a reward or award; it motivates them.

4. Communicate Transparently

Keep discussions with all stakeholders involved transparent using the group WhatsApp, email or any other platform. The foundation of communication must be mutual respect. Build standardised systems and processes to eliminate misunderstandings.

How to Facilitate Team Bonding Outside of the Office

5. Promote Decisiveness

When delegating responsibility, empower the team with the authority to decide. Not only does it motivate them, but it engages them and takes their thirst to achieve to the next level

6. Lighten Up!

Encourage team members to share their opinions honestly. End meetings with a round of jokes or a fun activity – a quick group song or dance!

By Andrea CostaBir